Can your own dog be a service dog?
All dogs must pass the same SD standards.

How much time to train a service dog? It varies with each SD team's unique abilities.

  • NEW "Sweet Snoopers" On-line DAD Training
  • NEW  K9 Wings - SD Airport Training Seminars
  • Evaluation and selection of a prospective SD
  • Partnership development with your SD
  • Necessary owner/handler training
  • Owner Trained Service Dog education
  • Care & training for puppies & adults
  • Education on Service Dog laws & rights
  • Using public transportation with a Service Dog
  • AKC STAR Puppy & CGC training & certs
  • AKC CGCA & UCGC training & certs
  • PAT (public access test) training & testing
  • Hands-on training & education workshops
  • In-home customized training sessions
  • Board and train
  • Training tune-ups for established SD's
  • SDIT (Service Dogs in Training) program
  • Continuing education, training & testing
  • Yearly PAT & AKC CGC re-testing
  • Therapy Visiting Dog AKC training & testing
  • PetTech CPR, First-Aid Certifications




New"K9 Wings"
Service Dog Airport Training Seminars
"Security, Safety and Efficiency in Air Travel"

other Types of SD training

amazing, heart warming stories

Read how Service Dogs have changed the life's of their owners and what clients have to say about the training and education they have received from us.

EXPLORe the possibilities of a service dog lifestyle

Other types of Medical Alert Service dog training

  • seizures

  • ptsd, autistic

  • mobility

  • life threatening food allergies 

  • hearing impaired

certified IACP professional Dog Trainer

IACP - CDT, CDTA, PDTI  Pro#3782

Morgance Ellis is a certified professional dog trainer and owner of "Lead With Your Heart, LLC"  who specializes in owner trained service dogs and pet dog training. Her Service Dog is "Ellie", a border collie, labrador mix rescue.  

Diabetes Alert service Dogs

Service Dog Lifestyle

Explore what you and your dog   need to become a high level, professional Service Dog Team.  

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Diabetes alert service dogs

your life saving best friend

If you or a family member are diabetic, then you know firsthand how challenging and scary diabetes can be. A friend to rely on ...

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Lead With Your Heart, LLC - Dog Training   Service Dog & Pet Dog Training, Education, Behavior Modification

NEW    "Sweet Snoopers"

Diabetes Alert Dog

on-line training program

by Debby Kay


What Service Dogs do? They are trained to mitigate tasks for people with disabilities.

Selecting a Service Dog. A detailed evaluation should be performed.

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